Terms and Conditions relating to a subscription to Mercedes Benz repair

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Subscriptions cost U.S. $39.95 for the first year. If you renew prior to expiration, the renewal rate is $24.95.

Is my information confidential?

Yes. I do not and will not share your name, email or address data with anyone.

Why it helps to have your mailing address:

It makes sense to include your mailing address with your subscription (I do not share it with anyone) in case your email is down or your email provider is unfairly blocking incoming mail. See below. The problem is worst with AOL and Earthlink.

I use Earthlink spam blocking. What should I do?

If you use Earthlink, please keep your money or use another email provider. I am not prepared to deal with the related correspondence with Earthlink in trying to prove that I am not a spammer.


Existing subscribers can renew at the discounted rate of $24.95 for one year, provided the same email address is used and payment is made by the expiration date of the current subscription. Late renewals are charged the full rate of $39.95. There are no exceptions. It is the subscriber's responsibility to track expiration of a subscription as the site operator cannot be responsible for the subscriber's non-receipt of renewal reminders, which are emailed approximately 2 weeks prior to expiration.

I don't like my username and/or password. Can you change it for me?

No. However, you can save both when you next log in by checking the box on the login screen, thus avoiding the need to have to remember either. The information is saved on your computer, not in cyberspace.

Liability and Good Behavior:

If you undertake any of the procedures illustrated here, whether or not you are a paid subscriber, you do so at your own risk and you are solely responsible for your actions. You agree not to hold the author responsible for any fault, damage or event resulting from the use of this site or from your own actions.


I reserve the right to cancel your subscription if maintenance of your account owing to actions on your part becomes onerous. For example, if you constantly lose your password (easily saved at login) and keep wasting my time owing to your incompetence, your subscription will be cancelled. In this case, no refund will ordinarily be made to prevent using the ethically challenged from trying to obtain refunds in this manner. I respect your time - the least you can do is respect mine.

Personal risk and responsibility:

Working on cars, especially gasoline engined cars, can be dangerous or life threatening. Here is an email the author received from a subscriber:

"Hello Thomas,

I am writing the story below not to look for sympathy, I have been very lucky and blessed in the whole ordeal, but maybe you can caution your other subscribers.

On Saturday I decided to exchange the fuel pump in the 500 SEL. I jacked the car up and had the tires on pieces of railroad ties that serve as jack stands. I had a big pan, cut from one of those blue barrels ready to catch the fuel that would come out once I took the fuel line from the gas tank off. I had various sizes of bolts ready to plug the line once I had the line off. Another option was to us vice grips covered with short pieces of hose to squeeze off the hose. It felt so brittle however that I decided to use the bolts. I had run the car till the fuel indicator was below the "Empty" mark.

I was therefore lying under the car trying to pry the hose off with a screwdriver. I had a halogen shop light for light under the car. The fuel hose suddenly popped or broke off and gasoline was spraying everywhere. I had gasoline on my left arm as well as in my hair , face and eyes. It also got onto the shop light. I looked at it and saw it smoking, turned my head away when the inferno erupted. Luckily my 16 year old son, was just pulling out of the driveway and saw what happened. My left arm looked like a steak in these fancy steak house where they pour alcohol on the meat and light it. I got out underneath the car ASAP and was rolling on the lawn to get the flames out. My son was at my side by that time trying to smother the flames with his bare hands.

Luckily I had decided to mulch the dead leaves on the lawn that morning and had turned on the sprinklers, I was able to douse the flames off my arm with the water. Then both of us tried to use the water to put out the flames which had engulfed the rear of the car and were reaching up to the sealing of the car port. (We have an apartment above the carport and it is connected to the house) At this point fuel was still pouring out of the gas tank feeding the flames. My son had his phone on one ear and was calling the fire department and a water hose in the other to help me try and kill the flames.

We were about 4 or 5 feet away from the fire alternately spraying water under the car and trying to keep the ceiling in the car port from catching fire. By that time there was a wall of flames reaching to the ceiling and spreading under the car port. All along the house smoke was coming out of the vents under the eves. As you know in the movies the car always blows up. I was worried about it but was in a battle, loosing hope, to save the house. I am very proud of my son as he stayed by my side. When the tires blew out all he did was duck, but did not retreat.

After what seemed like an eternity the fire department showed up and put the flames out. My son looked at me and got a fire marshal. They escorted me to the ambulance, that was when I saw my left arm with skin peeling off and hanging down. They noticed that the hair in my nose was gone, you know the stuff that starts growing when you start loosing hair in other places. They were worried that I had lung damage. Miraculously the gas in my face, eyes included, did not catch fire. My son's hands also were not burned. The house only has some smoke damage. The light in the carport is fried. If you had seen the wall of fire and the smoke coming out of the vents under the roof you would not believe that the house did not burn. I have 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree burns from my armpit to my wrist on the outside of my arm, but not much of any pain.

The 500 is a total loss - only the engine compartment is still ok."

Enough said.

Is this web site available on CD?

No. There are no plans to offer one at this time.

Do you answer questions by email?


Is my subscription refundable if I sell my car or decide to stop using the site during its term, or simply do not like what I see?

No. Your subscription is not refundable.

Because of incorrect spam blocking I had to wait several days for my access information to arrive by regular mail. WIll you extend my subscription because of this delay?

No. It is your resonsibility to address incorrect spam blocking features. Your subscription will expire on the one year anniversary of the date I originally email access information to you.

Copyright: The contents of this site are copyrighted. A subscription buys you a single user licence for one year. You are permitted to access and print the information in here for your own personal use. Sharing of this information or of your Username and Password with others is illegal. The contents of this site represent hundreds of hours of work on my part and fraudulent use is aggressively searched out. Fraud - such as the illegal sharing of usernames and passwords - will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I will treat you fairly and will do my best to help you with your questions. I expect you to treat me honorably in exchange.